French Bulldogs

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we have 3 puppies for sale from this coming wednesday when they will be fully vaccinated. They are from wonderful parents with great natures and above average intelligence. We are only looking for homes where the pups will be inside dogs with company during the day. they are not dogs who do well alone. frenchies are the perfect lap dog. On offer are:

Blue: male black/brindel (ears havent come up yet but thats pretty normal) $3500.00

Franky: male white with tan markings $3200.00

Lyon: male fawn and georgous $3800.00

All pups have been vet checked and fully vaccinated. They will be twelve weeks old this wednesday.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these beautiful pups, please email us with a brief run down on where you live, who lives there, description of your property etc. It pays to do your homework on caring for a frenchies as they are really special dogs.

Update. Lyon is now sold


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Paw Score Checklist

  • Will be treated for parasites (worms and fleas)
  • Will have had required vaccinations for their age
  • Will be checked and approved by a veterinarian
  • Parents have been DNA tested
  • Parents have been Hip Scored
  • Parents have had no respiratory problems
  • Parents are registered with Dogs NZ
  • I will provide a period of free pet insurance
  • I agree to a pre sale visit
  • I offer lifetime advise & support

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  • Created 29th Dec 2020