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Les Petites Gargouilles proudly present:

The "Friends" Litter


We are family-run, boutique, in-home breeders in Canterbury, part of a group of reputable breeders, a member of MDBA, and a registered business.

We don't breed too often as we don't do this for a living but to make a childhood dream come true to become dog breeders.
Our dogs are living in our house with us, they are an equal part of our family

This is a standard colour litter (black brindle, fawn, red fawn), and will be registered with MDBA. Babies are available only for the best pet-homes and will be toilet trained, socialised with other dogs and kids, and come with a desexing contract (NOT NEGOTIABLE).
Pups will be sent to their forever homes with a six-week pet insurance and puppy pack.
A $500 non-refundable deposit is payable to reserve a pup.

Though we are based in Canterbury, we can transport our pups nationwide.

The mum (Melody) is a black brindle, MDBA registered, clear DNA, with no respiratory issues. She's the daughter of our sought-after stud boy, Kooky (who just recently got retired).

The dad (FRP Axel) is a black-masked red fawn, dual registered (DNZ/MDBA), very stocky, Clear DNA, no respiratory issues, hip/spine scored, ex-show dog.

About the pups:

Monica (black brindle):
She's the attorney of the litter. She's crying the loudest if the dinner is 5 minutes late or if she thinks that playtime was too short. Also, she's the fastest. So funny to watch her doing the zoomies. The only problem is she hasn't learned how to make a full stop yet...

Ross (black brindle)(WE FOUND HIM THE BEST HOME):
The only boy. He's the calmest of the six... until he gets some toys to play with... then he turns into a Tasmanian Devil for like a minute... then into sleep straight away. He's so funny to watch.

Rachel (light fawn)(WE FOUND HER THE BEST HOME):
She's the tiniest, bUt she's got the biggest teeth and poses a great danger to your fingers. She's very sweet and lovely. She's soooooo cuddly! If you lay down on the carpet, she comes to you straight away and nesting up in your arms to watch her siblings from a safe spot doing the zoomies around.

Chloe(black brindle)(WE FOUND HER THE BEST HOME):
The gentle giant. She's the biggest of the litter. She's like a little fur tank, better not get in her way. On the other hand, she's the peacemaker and never lets the others bully tiny Rachel. She's definitely the leader of the pack.

Michelle (fawn):
Though Chloe's the biggest, Michelle's the strongest.
Her muscles are already showing through her coat and she's incredibly powerful. It's impossible to push her away from the bowl. She holds her ground whatever it takes. On the other hand, she's very snuggly, loves to be pampered, and craves attention.

Phoebe (red fawn):
She's the kookiest, most playful, and calmest girl. Acts like a reckless little rascal, but she can sit patiently, waiting for her turn at the bowl.

Pups have got their first vaccination, deworming, and vet check is done, and now they're ready to meet their new family.

If you are interested in one of our beautiful pups, please tell us about yourself a little bit in a short email or give us a call.

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Paw Score Checklist

  • Will be treated for parasites (worms and fleas)
  • Will have had required vaccinations for their age
  • Will be checked and approved by a veterinarian
  • Parents have been DNA tested
  • Parents have been Hip Scored
  • Parents have had no respiratory problems
  • Parents are registered with Dogs NZ
  • I will provide a period of free pet insurance
  • I agree to a pre sale visit
  • I offer lifetime advise & support

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