About us

This website is proudly owned and operated by Kiwis for Kiwis right here in New Zealand.

We have designed the website to revolve specifically around snub-nosed / brachycephalic breeds in the wake of other trading sites banning listings for Pugs, British Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.

Our main focus is to ensure animal health and welfare. To do this we have introduced a simple scoring system to rate breeders called the “paw score”. Basically this means the more items you can comply with on the 'paw score checklist' when listing, the higher your paw score will be. This is indicated by the paws being illuminated on the listing when viewed.

As a direct result the viewer or buyer will have a good understanding of the animal’s history and potential inheritance. It also gives an indication of the overall quality and genuineness of the breeder.

We recommend that the buyer does all due diligence checks and should ensure that all relevant supporting documents are authentic and true.

We also recommend a pre-sale visit at the breeder’s place of residence. This will give you an indication on the overall health and welfare of your potential new family member.

We offer a unique feature where breeders can add a photo or their logo to their account which displays as their 'profile picture'. To do this you must be signed in, click on 'my account', under settings click on 'update account', upload your profile photo, then click 'update account'. This makes the listing look professional and promotes advertising.

We hope this website caters to everyone's requirements. If you feel something needs to be added, removed or changed please contact us at info@snubnosedk9s.co.nz, we appreciate your feedback!

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