2 year old Male British Bulldog

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beautiful purebred british bulldog (papered) looking for a loving home. Only reason for moving on is our female bulldog keeps having a go at him.
Winston (male) is 2 years of age (fixed).
British bulldogs love to be loved and around their humans. Winston is a gentle sole who rarely barks but can be the typical stubborn bulldog (with no ears). Would benefit from some training. Loves to be loved and needs lots of attention. Fed high quality food (black hawk) not overweight and no health problems. Never been around cats so cant say how he would be with cats. Both dogs grew up around children, so good with kids. Both crate trained and sleep inside. He will not be rehomed to just anyone, it will take a pretty magical family for us to rehome this beautiful dog. Regretful sale. Vetting will be required.


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  • Will be treated for parasites (worms and fleas)
  • Will have had required vaccinations for their age
  • Will be checked and approved by a veterinarian
  • Parents have been DNA tested
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  • Parents have had no respiratory problems
  • Parents are registered with Dogs NZ
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